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We bring reading comprehension to life in the classroom


Play In A Book in the classroom provides a fully integrated arts based curriculum that builds critical literacy skills using drama and immersion into an engaging story.  Students are given the tools to bring a story to life, and our instructors use our proprietary materials and assessment tool to achieve results in an innovative way.

In School Residencies

After School Residency

Small Group Intervention

Play In A Book is a CPS preferred vendor for In-school Arts Services.  This is a 30-session program that includes materials and an assessment module that can boost critical reading skills by an average of 31%.  Our direct instruction introduces acting skills while focusing on improving literacy.

Up to 16 students spend 20 sessions reading and discussing a classic story and learning how to bring the characters to life on stage for a culminating performance.  Play In A Book After School includes an introduction to theater as well as drama exercises that help engage the student in the art of the story.

Available for students grades 1 – 5 during the school day, this pull out program builds key reading skills in struggling readers through drama based methods.  Lesson plan tailored to meet student needs based on test scores and teacher recommendation. Includes materials.


Professional Development

"Shakespeare Fights!"

Author's Apprentice

A three to four hour hands on workshop designed to prepare teachers to use the Act It Read It Series™ of books and companion workbooks to build key reading skills through drama.  With purchase of materials.


Join a trained stage combat instructor in presenting selected fight scenes from William Shakespeare's works.  This is an introductory course to the work of the Bard as well as a dive into rudimentary stage combat skills that serve to sell the idea that the Capulets didn't all that much like the Montagues.

Students join the author on a journey in developing a new title for the Play In A Book series.  Designed as a summer program, students are given an opportunity to participate in writing, editing, and illustrating a new work and receive appropriate attribution for their efforts.


The Act It Read It Series™ of books for students K - 8 combine a fully illustrated text along with a corresponding five-act play.  Texts for the younger readers (K - 4) also include leveled scripts embedded phonics skills.


Our Classroom Actors combine years of professional experience in the arts with their training as teaching artists to deliver quality direct instruction that maintains the high standards sought by our partner schools.  We work closely with teachers to assist in meeting their goals while providing a model of true arts integration.

Ginger Leopoldo

Classroom Actor

Morayo Orija

Classroom Actor

Erica Petro

Classroom Actor

David Blixt

Fight Director

Liz Steimle

Classroom Actor

Angela "Cookie" Silvia

Classroom Actor

Laura St. John


Kiara Shackelford

Classroom Actor


Armstrong Elementary

Boone Elementary

Brennemann Elementary

Burbank Elementary

Chalmers School of Excellence

Chopin Elementary

CICS - Bucktown Charter School

CICS - Irving Park Charter School

CICS - Jackson Charter School


Disney II Magnet School

Frazier Int’l Magnet School

Gale Elementary

Goudy Elementary

Herzl Elementary

Jahn Elementary

Johnson School of Excellence

Lawndale Elementary

Marquette School of Excellence

McPherson Elementary

Nightblue Theater

Norwood Park Elementary

Ray Elementary

South Shore Fine Arts Academy

Conrad Sulzer Regional Library

Trumbull Elementary

Vanderpoel Elementary Magnet

Wildwood Elementary



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