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Play In A BookAn innovative approach to improved literacy

The Act It Read It Series™

A ten volume series (in progress) of classic tales that incorporate five-act scripts and embedded phonics for students K - 8.  Each fully illustrated text is tied to a companion workbook that is part of a fully integrated curriculum that boosts critical reading skills.

A few of the folks you will meet

"Hi, my name is Gretel.  My brother Hansel gets locked up by a crazy old witch and I have to figure out how to spring him from his cage.  Check out my story.  You'll love it!"



"Seven in one blow!  That's what I always say.  I'm just a humble theatrical costumer, but I get caught up in a big adventure and have to confront giants who are threatening my fair city of Chicago...and that just won't do!"


I am Gilgamesh, King of Uruk.  I journeyed throughout all of Mesopotamia on a quest to be immortal.  I saw the deep, and I wish to tell you of it.


Gilgamesh, King of Uruk

The Costumer


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